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Pre and Post Workout Fuel

If you're lucky enough to live in Dallas, you have a ton of exercise options. From running on the Katy Trail, to hitting an outdoor class at Clyde Warren it's easy to stay active in this city. But your workout doesn't mean as much if you don't fuel your body before and afterwards. After all, abs are made in the kitchen of the Dream Cafe, as the famous saying goes. Here's a few healthy tips for pre and post workout meals because, come on, gettin' your sweat on AND your grub dreamy!

Pre Workout

If you're already working out, you might as well treat yourself to some carbs. And not just because carbs are, well the best things ever, but carbs are a crazy important source of energy while you exercise. According to a study done by Journal of Sports Sciences, carbohydrates ingested 3-4 hours before you exercise are proven to keep energy and endurance levels up as you power through your workout. The other key pre-workout element? Protein, which is the main building block of the human body. Countless studies have been done that show the importance of protein before and after workouts. By eating protein before you workout, you're going to increase muscle synthesis, meaning that you're going to repair and replace anything you lose during your workout.

Post Workout

After a workout, you want to be sure to replenish your body properly or all your work will be for nothing. Though lots of fad diets stress burning as many calories as possible, it's important to refuel post workout or your body will go in to starvation mode and start feeding on the muscles you've been trying to build at the gym. So the best thing for post workout is protein, protein and more protein! When you work out you're essentially tearing at your muscles, so it's important to build them back up after with the (yummy, Dream Cafe) you eat.

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