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Kombucha: The Fermented Tea Fad That We Support

The Dream Cafe has been churning out your healthy favorites since before some of our customers were born, and we haven't stayed such a trusted institution by buying in to each and every trend that has sprouted up. In the era of meal prep, carb cycling and fitspo galore its hard to tell what's real and what's simply too good to be true. Which brings us to Kombucha: the fermented super drink that is advertised to have natural caffeine, antioxidants and probiotics. After much research and consideration we are here to say that Kombucha is real and it ROCKS. Here are some of our favorite highlights:


Kombucha has been garnering attention in recently but this super tea has actually been around for thousands of years, and believed to have originated in Asia. Komboucha is made by mixing up bacteria, yeast and sugar to black or green tea and then fermented. This process leads to a lot of good bacteria and probiotics, which help with digestion, inflammation and can even aid in weight loss. Kombucha also contains the benefits of Green Tea, which we already known as one of the healthiest drinks in the world! One of our faves is the crazy amount of antioxidants Kombucha contains. So not only are we officially hopping on the Kombucha trend, we're shopping local too. By using Holy Kombucha we bring our customers Kombucha that is born and brewed right here in DFW! So pair some dreamy on tap Kombucha with a cup of our homemade Granola to kick off your day energized.


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